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Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research

Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research is an open access e-journal encompassing contents on research in any discipline of Science and research activity aiming to solve any industrial problem. It aims at disseminating original research and practical systems contribution in form of Letters, Research notes, Research papers, Supplementary articles, review articles from Scientists, Engineers and Researchers in Scientific Labs, Industry and Academia.    


Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research seeks contributions in the fields mentioned below but not limited to only these topics

Basic and Applied Sciences: Applied Biology, Applied Physics, All fields of Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Astrology, Marine Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Atmospheric Sciences, Automatic Control, Automotive Engineering, Medicine Research, Medical Technology, Medical Sciences, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Database and Software, Construction, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Control Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Energy Resources and Research, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Machine Learning, Marine technology, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Mining Engineering, Neural Networks, Oceanography, Optical and Neural Computing, Petroleum and Gas, Physics, Robotics, Solid State Technology, Textile Industry and Fabrics, Transportation, Waste Management, Industrial Arts, Business Administration, Commerce

Social Sciences: Anthropology, Archaeology, Communication, Criminology, Demography, Ethnology, Gerontology, International Relations, Social Issues, Political Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, Tourism and Hospitality etc,

Biological Sciences: Agricultural Sciences, Algology, Animal Behavior, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biometry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Cellular Biology, Embryology, Entomology, Food Sciences and Technology, Forestry Sciences, Genetics, Genomics, Horticulture, Hydrobiology, Ichthyology, Immunology, Limnology, Marine Biology, Biomedicine, Microbiology, Microscopy, Parasitology, Animal Physiology, Plant Sciences, Soil Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Virology, Zoology and Animal Sciences,

Life Sciences: Neuroscience, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biocomputers, Biocontrol, Biodynamics, Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Cell Biology, Cognitive Neuro Science, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Ethology, Genetics, Medical Devices, Medical Biology, Oncology, Optometry, Pathology, Pharmacogenomics, Sports Sciences, Systems Biology, Wildlife Biology, Zoology, etc.

Industrial Processes, Manufacturing and Systems are included but not limited to these areas only.

Article Submission

Article submission for Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research has no deadline and submission is possible at all times. A blind review process is conducted for each submitted particle. Expected publication time is initially dependent upon the response from reviewers and revision requirements laid by the reviewer. However fast paced review process is emphasized and expectedly a quality article should take less than a month publication time.

Articles must be submitted in form of word documents with .doc or .docx extensions alongwith copyright form signed by the authors.

Frequency: 2

Publication of Journal: June and Decemeber

Publication Charges:

Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research follows open-access model. In this model, researchers or readers can read full article without cost. Authors of the article pay the cost of publication, maintenance and sustainability of this open access publishing activity.

AM Publishers request authors to pay USD 95 as publication charges for each article accepted for publication. Authors from third world and African countries can contact editor for further support.

Submit article:

Submission to the journal is easy and straight forward. Simply email your article, in doc or docx file format, to the Editor through email

Review Process:

Canadian Journal on Scientific and Industrial Research follows peer review process for decision about the article submitted. Special attention is paid for fast paced review to ensure the completion of review process in two weeks time. For this reason, authors may also be requested to nominate potential reviewers those who can best judge the quality of their work.